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Quality Assurance

We are an ISO 9001:2008 confirmed association occupied with offering the finest scope of Scientific, Mechanical and Civil Instruments to the regarded clients. These items are produced utilizing real quality raw material and segments that are obtained from probably the most trusted sellers of the business. Being a quality-driven association, we try to offer the items that can go along to the worldwide quality guidelines by utilizing most recent innovation and hardware. Additionally, our group of value controllers keeps a strict vigil monitoring from the time of getting raw material till conclusive dispatch of the items.

Product Range

We offer our clients with following products:


Refrigeration Test Rig

Refrigeration Test Rig With Data Logging Facility

Air Conditioner Trainer- Duct Type 1 Ton Capacity

Ice Plant Trainer

Ice Plant Trainer With Data Logging Facility

Electrolux - Vapour Absorption Refrigeration Test Rig

Chemical Reaction Engineering

Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor

Computer Controlled Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor

Isothermal C.S.T.R

Cascade C.S.T.R.

Cascade Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor

Plug Flow Reactor (Straight Tube Type)

Plug Flow Reactor (Coiled Tube Type)

Computer Controlled - Plug Flow Tubular Reactor

IC Engine Lab

Single Cylinder Two Stroke Petrol Engine Test Rig

Single Cylinder Four Stroke Petrol Engine Test Rig

Compression Ratio Diesel Engine Test Rig

Computerized 3 Cylinder 4 Stroke MPFI Petrol Engine Test Rig

Four Cylinder Four Stroke Diesel Engine Test Rig

Computerized 1 Cylinder 4 Stroke Petrol Engine Test Rig

Computerised 4 Cylinder 4 Stroke Diesel Engine Test Rig

Computerised 1 Cylinder 4 Stroke Diesel Engine Test Rig

Fluid Machinery Lab

Computer Controlled - Centrifugal Pump Test Rig

Centrifugal Pump Test Rig

Reciprocating Pump Test Rig (Variable Speed)

Submersible Pump Test Rig (With Data Logging Facility)

Wind Tunnel Test Rig (With Data Logging Facility)

Hydraulic Ram Test Rig

Computer Controlled - Gear Pump Test Rig

Francis Turbine Test Rig

Kaplan Turbine Test Rig

Pelton Wheel Turbine Test Rig

Gear Pump Test Rig (With Three Prefixed Speeds)

Submersible Pump Test Rig

Fluid Mechanics Lab

Bernoulli's Theorem Apparatus (With Data Logging Facility)

Flow Through Orifice And Mouthpiece Apparatus

Discharge Through Orificemeter & Mouthpiece

Discharge Over Notches Apparatus

Cavitation Apparatus

Nozzle Meter Test Rig

Discharge Through Venturimeter

Forced Vortex Apparatus

Electrical Analogy Apparatus

Pitot Tube Setup (With Data Logging Facility)

Theory of Machine Lab

Cam Analysis Machine

Static & Dynamic Balancing App

Cryogenic Service Valves

Motorized Gyroscope

Mass Transfer Lab Equipment

Fluidized Bed Dryer

Solid Liquid Extraction

Open Well Submersible Pump

Solid Liquid Extraction Bonnoto Type

Survey Lab Equipment

FM Lab Equipment

Rotameter Apparatus

Bernoullis Theorem Apparatus

Venturimeter and Orificemeter Apparatus

Pitot Static Tube Apparatus

Orifice & Mouthpiece Apparatus

Reynolds Apparatus

Heat Transfer Lab Equipment

Composite Walls Apparatus

Heat Transfer Through Lagged Pipe

Dropwise Filmwise Condensation Apparatus

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

Hydraulic Machine Lab Equipment

Kaplan Wheel Turbine Test Rig

Helical Coil Apparatus

Centrifugal Pump Test Rig

Gear Pump Test Rig

Momentum Transfer Lab Equipment

Flow Through Helical Coil

Pressure Drop in Two Phase

Slip and Creep Measurement Apparatus

Pressure Flow Packed Bed

Applied Machines

Rotary Drier

Forced Vortex Flow

Forced Convection Apparatus

Vapour Liquid Equilibrium Set-Up

Mass Transfer Lab

Liquid-liquid Extraction In A Packed Tower

Spray Tower

Solid-liquid Extraction (Bonotto Type)

Bubble Cap Distillation Column

Computer Controlled - Bubble Cap Distillation Column

Computer Controlled - Simple Batch Distillation Setup

Mechanical Operational Lab

Jaw Crusher

Roll Crusher

Hammer Mill

Wilfley Table

Cyclone Separator



We have an open and propelled infrastructural facility, which is all around monitored by a group of gifted experts. Our framework has all advanced machinery that are required for the production of the best-in-class scope of Scientific, Mechanical and Civil Instruments to the customers. The foundation isolated into planning, fabricating, R&D, quality checking and other related units for streamlining all the business forms. These divisions are overseen by a group of specialists who guarantee that all the accessible assets are wisely utilized at our end. Besides, they oil and in addition update every one of the machines introduced at our end.

Research & Development

We have an innovative research unit at our end, which helps us in offering an extensive variety of great Scientific, Mechanical and Civil Instruments to the customers. Our R&D unit is furnished with cutting edge facilities to lead inquire about exercises in the most effective way. We direct research exercises in a deliberate and composed strategy to gather valuable data identified with our area. The exploration and improvement exercises help in updating our assembling facilities and additionally the products offered by us.